Friday, June 25, 2010

A closer look at the Falls 1 of Lake Sebu's 7 Falls

I have gone back and forth many times at Lake Sebu. It is my family's favorite vacation spot. For the past recent years,  my relatives have been raving about the many falls they've been to, including Lake Sebu's 7 Falls. This 2010, these series of  falls top my summer list of my "Destination Must-See".  
Falls 1

With a measly P20, one can already see Lake Sebu's famous 7 Falls!
At the entrance, tourist can already buy souvenir pieces such as shirts and other handcrafted items.

There are a couple of cottages in the area. A footbridge lets visitors view the First Falls without ever getting wet.

Named as "Hikong Alo" in T'boli, First Falls stands 35ft. Some few meters within the area, the recently opened zipline, which is by the way Philippines longest and highest zipline, can be seen.

Take a look at this video clip of Lake Sebu's First of the Seven Falls.

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