Monday, November 26, 2012

Boracay: Itinerary, Expenses and Tips

Boracay may seem to be an expensive destination. But here's one thing I realized, like many of Philippines finest tourist spots, it can be done on a budget, especially if all you want is to simply enjoy the waters. Afterall, Boracay is really about the powdery sand and the crystal clear waters. 5 members of the family was able to enjoy Boracay in less than Php30,000 (all in!) Feel free to copy our itinerary ^_^

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Travel Video: Boracay

Sometimes traveling is not just about going to a new exotic place and enjoying that picturesque destination that makes the whole trip epic. It could be as simple as enjoying the faces of your happy loved ones as they smile and wonder the place with you. The recent Boracay trip was a smashing success. I finally saw mom and sisters wearing big hats and sundresses. It was a great introduction to Boracay - sunny weather, lesser crowd and prices are still not over the top expensive.

This is probably my first ever travel video of a family trip. And I'm happy to have the setting in Boracay. To the universe, more family trips please!

Enjoy the video everyone! ^_^

Boracay series:
Boracay: A Family Friendly Trip
Marzon Beach Resort Boracay
2Go: The New Way to Travel to Boracay
Boracay, Away from the Crowd
Boracay: Itinerary, Expenses and Tips 
A Beach Mecca that is Boracay

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Boracay: A Family Friendly Trip

Mom has just celebrated her birthday and dad has just arrived for his 2 week long vacation from work. What to do? Plan a relaxed but fun Boracay adventure for the family!

Dad may have been to Boracay thrice but being a mouse potato that I am, he allowed me to find all the necessary accommodations that I deem proper for our family. We left our 4 boys who need to attend to each of their school and work duties and made this beach trip an all girl bonding + dad. So to my brothers, sorry boys, it's the girls day out :P

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Marzon Beach Resort Boracay

So we boarded 2Go Vessel from Batangas to Caticlan. It was a smooth and fun sea adventure with my family. Passengers from tourist and cabin typed rooms were given the chance to get off first. There wasn't much tourist when we reached Caticlan terminal, not to Boracay standards where I picture flocks of tourist all lining up to pay for the needed fees. I thought, "This is good. Going to Boracay island will surely be fast."

Marzon Beach Resort, Boracay

We paid for the usual fees - terminal fee, environmental fee and the ferry boat ride. We chose to board the Php25 ferry typed boat instead of fastcraft. The outrigger boat carries 25 passengers and we were with locals, mostly. Less than 10 minutes, we already docked at Boracay island!

For comfort, dad decided that we take the multicab which costs us Php250 to reach the nearest drop off point from our resort. From there, we had to walk along a narrow alley of houses and mom said that dad looked quite disappointed thinking the reason why our room was affordable is because we'll be staying in a building like that. He's in for a big surprise!

Friday, November 16, 2012

2Go: The New Way to Travel to Boracay

Last year should have been my first Boracay trip and my first ever Visayas destination. But then it coincided with the Malaysia trip so I had no choice but to cancel Boracay. We all know that flying from Manila to Caticlan has proven to be quite expensive and Piso Fare promos can be daunting to book especially if we are a big family plus the scheduling date is also tricky. But when I learned about 2Go (yes, the famous courier service) sailing from Batangas to Caticlan at a very affordable price, I pitched the idea to my parents. 

2Go Ship docked at Caticlan Port

It took quite some convincing before they finally said yes to the idea that we travel by sea to reach Boracay. They probably pictured a crazy, crowded and noisy pier scenario. Well, I can't blame them since those were also my first ship experiences when I traveled from Manila to General Santos many years back. Most importantly, we'll also be traveling with my sister with special needs and her comfort should be our number one consideration. 

But I thought 2Go Travel deserves its chance and after some careful research and  planning, I figured my sister can handle the travel. I'm happy that after hopping on their vessels, it definitely changed how I now view sea trips.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Boracay, Away from the Crowd

Boracay can get overly crowded, yes. But here's one side of Boracay that may re-ignite travelers who visited the beach 20 years ago to come back and give this island a second look. Here are some visual proof that Boracay can still be someone's solemn refuge.

Boracay White Beach - Station 3

The first 3 photos were taken at White Beach Station 3 a few minutes before 6 in the morning. I went out of the room and immediately walked straight to the beach. The sun was already up but the view was unlike any sunrise views I've seen. It was dreamy and glowing. With the morning sun throwing in beautiful rays of soft orange hues, the whole stretch of the beach makes for a picture perfect panoramic photo. The sweeping view felt like I just literally jump into a watercolor canvas with a breathtaking color palette. I love Boracay sunset, but this early morning surprise is definitely worth raving about. And so far, this is my best beach morning experience.
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