Friday, August 23, 2013

Of Herons and Egrets: A Walk Inside Baras Bird Sanctuary

Black Crowned Night Heron

It’s been sunny for the past 2 days in Tacurong so I decided to push through with an afternoon visit to Baras. The day is good and the roads are dry, it's a perfect time to see those migratory birds. This simple barangay located west of poblacion, houses one of Sultan Kudarat’s most sought after tourist spot, giving visitors a one of a kind bird watching experience.

Friday, August 9, 2013

20 Awesome Ways to Enjoy South Cotabato’s T’nalak Festival

My first ever T’nalak Festival experience happened in 2008. Unfortunately, it was just a (half) day short as I booked my return trip to Manila the day the festivity started. Little did I know I would be missing on a lot of fun street festivity. I was able to do a quick tour though of the bahay kubo exhibit, the agri-trade fair and did last few minute pasalubong shopping inside the Protech Center. It was a very short introduction to T'nalak Festival but it sure did ignite my interest to watch the much talked about parade on my next visit. 

In 2010, I made sure to catch the Street Dancing Parade. I was on the streets of Alunan by 6am before the street dancing started with the tribal music pumping the festival vibe, I was extremely excited as it was my first ever festival parade experience. But rain poured, hard. Despite that, I was totally blown away to see student performers, still in full spirits, merilly dancing in the rain draped with t'nalak costumes. I wasn’t able to watch their showdown in the open field as me and my relatives had to visit our other relatives in Lake Sebu. 

This 2013, armed with printed festival schedule, I made sure to experience the many activities of T’nalak Fest. For the anxious Manileños, let me share with you a list on some of T'nalak Festival's best and brightest so you can fully enjoy South Cotabato's festival pride.
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